Who are we?

Amy Albrecht (Germany)

IMG_4690My name is Anne-Marie and I am from a little village in the Southwest of Germany. I finished my Bachelors degree in Environmental sciences at the Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen. My dream had always been to help the environment and therefore I firstly wanted to become a climate researcher to help creating an awareness for the consequences arising from our CO2 emissions. Yet, over time I got the feeling that the knowledge, which we need to understand what consequences humanities actions will have, is already sufficiently existent. So my interest shifted towards getting a job that would help dealing with the consequences. As I also like modeling, I ended up applying for this degree which gave me what I wanted and so much more! Being in a group with only international students for 2 years questions your believes, tolerances and routines in a completely new way and is a great opportunity to learn how hard it can be to communicate with each other, to deal with cultural misunderstandings, to learn not to judge things that are unfamiliar to you and at the same time gather knowledge about all kinds of places in the world. And a great network for future travels, of course!

Dinya Amima Sara (Indonesia)

DinyaHi people! I’m Dinya from Indonesia. I graduated from Water Resources Management Major, Civil Engineering, Universitas Indonesia in 2011. I worked as Jr. Water Resources Engineer in consultant company before I started attending Erasmus Mundus FRM. I’m always interested in social problem in flood risk management, since I’m from Jakarta, the most populated city in Indonesia which has flood problem every year.
Besides dealing with flood, my other favorite things to do are art, music and traveling. I really like drawing and listening to many kinds of music. I have traveled to many countries in Europe, there’s no other reason than I like to fulfill my curiousity, see and experience new things in life.

Fabio Sai (Italy)

blogHi there, I’m one of the “most adult” in term of age (that’s it). I got my MSc in Hydraulic Engineering at the University of Pavia in 2010, and I thought I was done with studies, books and exams. I worked in Milan for 3 years at a governmental authority and for 1 year at another authority collecting water discharge and processing hydraulic data. The best job ever for me. At that time. But then, I had the opportunity to participate at the FRM master course, probably the last chance to have an international experience! So, I quit my job and here I am! I have met people from almost every corner of the World, exchanging cultures, stories, habits. This is a good way to open your mind and discover that we are books with a lot of white pages waiting to be written. I like potatoes for example.

Feroz Islam Sagar (Bangladesh)

11800156_1616901831885757_6855647715410989013_nHello. I am Md. Feroz Islam. I am from Bangladesh. I have a B.Sc. in civil engineering and job experience of four years in the field of water resources planning. I am happily married with one child. I like to watch football and cricket matches. My dream is to have a small house with a backyard of garden where I will enjoy the time with my loved ones. Enjoying the bird’s chirping in the morning, the playful shadows of the leaves in the afternoon and sky of million stars at night. My nick name is “Sagar”. I am little shy but never afraid of challenges. I like to fight for what I believe is right. Like to offer my hand to the people in need and childhood dream was to do something for the poor. For me life is like a stream that flows continuously. You shouldn’t look back cause you can’t go upstream and can’t look too far ahead cause you don’t know what’s in front. Enjoy the moment and don’t follow others. Life has it’s own path, you can’t change. I am living an almost complete life and I am one of the happiest person on Earth. Thanks to almighty.

Hadi Mohammadzadeh Khani (Iran)

ImmagineHola folks I am hadi, the oldest boy in group, and I am from Iran. After graduating from my Ex-master in watershed management engineering, I was not satisfying as result I applied for this fantastic course. Apart from the opportunity to study in best universities, I have had this chance to find amazing friends and travel to a lot of countries, see people, talk with them and most important thing take selfie pictures with my friends and new people. My advice is to follow your dream and look for new experiences. Good luck.

Hung Le Manh (Vietnam)

HungHi! I am Hung from Vietnam. After obtaining a BSc. in Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering at Hohai University, China in 2013, I came back to my country and worked a few months at Thuy Loi University, Hanoi. During my work, I realized that my undergraduate’s knowledge was not enough so I decided to pursue my further study by applying the FRM course. I expect that through this course I can gain something to help my home country since it is one of flood hazard prone areas over the world.
My interest is linking hydrological issues with information technology, playing with numbers and statistics. Besides dealing with my study schedule, I also like travelling and enjoying landscapes across European countries where I passed through.

Imra Hodzic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Imra slika 2Hello! My name is Imra and I am coming from Sarajevo – city with beautiful soul, which is the capital and the largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Someone could say that am not typically Bosnian because I do not eat that much our traditional food and I do not know how to make it (shame on me, I know  J ). But in my defense, I like to drink coffee a lot as most of Bosnians do and I like Bosnian´s traditional sweets (baklava, halva, gurabija, hurmasice, etc.) because they are awesome. I hold Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering and Master degree in Hydrotechnics- department of Civil engineering Faculty, both obtained at University of Sarajevo. After my Master degree I worked for 2 years at Hydro-Engineering Institute of Civil engineering faculty in Sarajevo. During my work time I have been engaged in some projects related to floods and by googling for some documents I accidentally found this program. What a lucky person I am J I always tend to make positive changes in my life and taking this program I made one of the hardest and life´s greatest decision. With huge support of my wonderful family and lifetime friends I am here, studying and celebrating the life. I think this is an amazing program with remarkable people which is not only good opportunity to get more knowledge about flood risk management and professional development but also fabulous opportunity to grow as a person.

Josias Ritter (Germany)

Attachment 2Although born and raised in a suburb of Munich, I am probably the worst German on the face of this planet. I am usually late, appreciate spontaneity and therefore suck terribly at planning (which is probably not the best thing as a flood risk manager, but hey… let’s give it a try!). After doing my year of social service working with mentally disabled children, I moved to New Zealand for eight months, which influenced my relation to “mother nature” enduringly. Back in Germany, I studied Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), where I also tutored in Hydromechanics and Technical Mechanics. I spent an Erasmus semester in Granada (Spain) in order to learn Spanish, decide on my specialisation and simply enjoy life. After graduating, I worked for a few months in a major bridge construction project in Scotland, which finally convinced me that working my whole life in mere construction could not be fulfilling. So at last I decided to connect my interest in water engineering and its environmental and social aspects with the strong intention to work in an international framework by choosing the Erasmus Mundus Master in Flood Risk Management. What a great decision!

Maria Francesca Caggiano (Italy)

fotoblogFranciHi everyone, I am Franci ( or Franchee) from Italy and during the Flood Risk Management Master Programme I have become the “Mama” of the group, even though I am the second youngest! I like to consider our group as a new family, “The Floodies”. I have studied Environmental and Land Planning Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. After graduation, I have spent a year off from the studies, going around Europe improving my English and spending few months in Uganda as part of an educational volunteer program. It’s during that year that I have decided to begin this amazing experience that couples the technical aspects of water management with the social and economic one, and it makes me aware more and more that an understanding of the local communities, cultures and traditions is needed if projects are to be successful. I love being in touch with people and share opinions. I really think that what really helps you growing as a person is the continuous learning and confronting with new experiences and new cultures. This program is a once-in-a-life opportunity and by now it has been an incredible journey.

Marianne Skov (Denmark)

11218475_10155453516930618_6958457281399065028_nHi, My name is Marianne and I am from Denmark. Growing up by the ocean has intrigued my curiosity for science and life! I am fascinated by the power of nature, human cultures, and love wondering off exploring. I have a background within Physical Geography from the University of Copenhagen and after a few years of working for the Danish Coastal Authority and an engineering consultancy on projects related to Integrated Coastal Zone Management and the European Floods Directive, I decided to specialize further within Flood Risk Management. I am therefore a part of the Erasmus Mundus Flood Risk Management Program 2014-2016. Fun facts about me: I like beer, music, travelling, water sports, seafood and licorice. I dislike museum visits, book reading, ginger and derivation of equations 🙂
Fun facts about Denmark: Denmark have more pigs than people. The highest point is 170m MSL. If you are not married by the age of 25 we spray you with cinnamon! We allow homosexual marriage and our biggest pride is LEGO and the fairy tales of HC. Andersen! Welcome to my country

Martin Veenvliet (The Netherlands)

FabioHello all! I am Martin, or how others call me, ‘princess’, from the Netherlands. Unbelievably, I’m the youngest floodie in this batch. I graduated in Civil Engineering and Management from the University of Twente. After that I directly applied for the Flood Risk Management programme, mainly because I like travelling. Of course, I also applied because I was interested in floods, even though I never actually saw one in the Netherlands. I really like the international experience (making friends from all over the world) that you get during the FRM study and I learned a lot from everyone in the programme. Studying Flood Risk Management was definitely the right thing to do for me!

Mina Tehrani (Iran)

10863916_834428833286581_2181647311942078901_oHello! I’m Mina, from Iran. The oldest one, but my appearance shows something else! After graduating of the Master of Hydraulic structures in 2007, I was working as an engineer in a consulting engineers company, instructor at university and social volunteer of water management in an NGO. However, after some years away from university I decided to join another Master one! Taking risk just to be more adventurous in my life. And I got it! Where could I find such a nice experience living and being with different taste of people from different part of the worlds? High diversity of this program is not only because of many travelling we had for educational aim, but also for exchanging and sharing the cultures and ideas from food, celebration, art, entertainment and many other things! Educational term, hope to reach my goal, more expert in cultural context of flood risk perceptions! That’s it!

Nhilce Esquiviel (Mexico)

12177266_10207554682686438_1392560846_oHey! My name is Nhilce Esquivel and I am a proudly Mexican! I have a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from the Technologic Institute of Chetumal. As a professional I decided to direct my career in the Water Sector even I had the specialization in Construction and Concrete Structures. I had the opportunity to work first designing water supply networks and sewage systems, and then I had the great chance of working in the National Water Commission of Mexico, where I could face the real situation of my country and its water resources management. As I always wanted to study abroad and my city is always flooded, I found this Master Programme was the best alternative to achieve my personal and professional goals, so as many of us did I quit my job and was the best decision ever! I hope after this programme I can help my city and other cities around the world that deal with the problem of floods. Cheers and always smile!

Piyush Mishra (India)

Piyush Mishra_/\_ Namaste! I am Piyush Mishra from India, just another curious guy who likes to try new things. After finishing my bachelors course in Civil Engineering, I embarked this course, which has till now continued to give me so many intense experiences on academic, culinary, social and cultural levels. But still the best part being the company of the “fellow-floodies”, from each one of whom I have a unique lesson to learn, apply in my own life and gather memories to remember for a lifetime. On a professional note, even though being a mere beginner, I have a keen interest in Mathematics, statistics and algorithms. Being able to derive meaningful inferences from observations and models (which are plagued with uncertainties) seems almost divine power to me. Concurrently, I am learning to use Open source softwares, which someday might help me to employ fully customized low cost hydrological solutions to a resource constrained community. I hope everyone is safe from floods soon, and that money is the least of a barrier.

Vasana Dharmadasa (Sri Lanka)

IMG_9739Hello..! I’m holding the longest name ever in FRM 4 although here you can only see two names. What to do, normally we, Sri Lankans have longer names. So anyhow I obtained my bachelors in Civil and Environmental Engineering and soon after my graduation I joined one of the premier Coastal and Hydraulic research institutes in Sri Lanka. I worked there as a Research Engineer for 4 years, basically engaging in numerical modelling in coastal and hydraulics and designs. Ofcourse I loved my job. But then I was selected for this Msc. So I decided to leave my familiar comfort zone and join the floodies! That was a right choice. Because this is fab!. I met people from almost everywhere in the world. From books and studies I learnt more and more about FRM. And specially from you all I learnt the world and yet more to come!


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