Discover our second semester experience in this tiny student city, Delft!

This is when we face the famous tough yet fun settle time in master period.
UNESCO-IHE is an international university with people always coming and going. So new community is always formed in no time!
Here we studied together with Hydro-Informatics master course students. Not from the very beginning, because they started sooner and we joined them in the 6th module. Another new family in new country 😀
So this is it, Delft, the one and only city which made us play hard and work harder!

Out of the several things Netherlands is famous for, tulips are one of them. And what other place to see them than in Keukenhof. Read more about this experience here!

Another Dutch tradition is cycling! Definitely the best place to ride bikes, especially when done in good company!

This is an amazing thing, because in the official website of the program it’s not clearly stated that we would have had a 2 weeks field-trip. Do you know where? In FLORIDA!!!! For most of us the first time in the USA, a great experience that we’ll never forget, and this post is both a good memory for us to remember and for you to discover nice things that you might not know.


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