The Floodies

Six months working on our thesis. The last big step before getting awarded by a valuable and struggled diploma in Master of Science. Martin, Marianne, Imra, Nhilce, Feroz, Hadi and Fabio in the Netherlands; Mina and Dinya in Germany; Vasana and Piyush in Denmark; Josias and Francesca in Colombia; Amy in UK and Hung in Barcelona (smart guy). Quite disperse. But there is this feeling that keeps us tight together despite the distances. As long as we are students, but for sure also later on, being Floodies means being a family. Yes, we all have our roots, desires of going back home (or maybe not), our families waiting for us, new adventures to take on. But we are looking at our future standing on our present. And this present stands on our past. All of us have grown together for one and a half years, with a lot of happiness and few tough moments (I am not talking academically, though!). We have become stronger. And we are grateful for this opportunity to learn more from each other, sharing our cultures and traditions, stories and experiences.

Now that we are not physically together, it matters quite much while writing our thesis. It is a completely new condition because we are basically still doing the same things, but not anymore as a group. We miss that. But luckily there is this thick photo book that we have printed in our minds, where it is easy to pick funny pictures of our semesters across Europe. Genuine smiles come back. Our friends are still with us, and they always will be. Since today, we have one more reason to dig in our memories. When we will be old and grumpy, it’s enough to look at this drawing, and all the bad things will be vanished.

Thank you Dinya, you managed to give shape to all of us in the best way to be remembered. Smiling and young. Love to all.



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