Balkan styles!

Finding accommodation was completely different compared to Barcelona. With the help of some well-known website, it was possible to find really good and convenient places. Francesca, Amy, Josias and I (Fabio) have found the centermost flat ever in the city. Neither in my town I have lived in such a central location! The house has been recently renovated, and it’s equipped with all the comforts needed, red coffee machine for Italian espresso above the rest. The flat is suitable for two couples living in two bedrooms, one is formed by Francy and Amy, the other one by me and Josias. My wife and I, have been sharing two single beds with a 5cm security gap in between, where transboundary issues are punished with severity. Even though this threat has not been applied yet. In this happy Italian-German house we find ourselves just like being in a school holiday, or going out with friends for a weekend. We are excited of cooking together, chatting, drinking beers, singing and playing guitar…but most of all we like inviting our floodies mates to come over for cooking together, chatting, drinking beers, singing and playing guitar.


After 3 days in Ljubljana we met our Slovenian tutors, who have wisely addressed us on what to do and where to go. For example they told us about a jam session event held in an abandoned factory cold like the North Pole. The meeting was organized by some, of course, party-loving Spanish guys. It was both funny and random, extremely crowded and noisy. Good stuff! Josias and I had our chance to make some mess with non-sense chords and out-of-tune singing (especially from my side). But our Slovenian friends advised us also that Friday night is the night of Metelkova! Metelkova is a previous military base, used during the Tito’s regime in Yugoslavia. After the independence declaration the urban planners wanted to tear it down, but some brave and talented guys occupied the site and started to give a new cultural meaning to the old military base. Today it is a perfect and amazing example of sub-urban requalification, where arts and public spaces merge together giving birth to a dynamic reality. Metelkova offers different options of music in different clubs, we went for the early reggae one in a 6×4 meters club. Marvelous.

Sunday morning is the day of the flea-market, where stuffs are sold since the 80ies. That is the things sold at the stands are the same since this period. We went there with the mission to get 2 bikes, in this way Josias and I ride the bikes, and our lucky girls can sit on the back carrier. This trick lets us save 15 mins of precious sleep in the morning before going to university. The flea-market is located really, really far from where we live, we walked in a foggy morning through the sad and empty suburb of the city. But finally, next to an exit of the highway, we found our destination. The market was so rough! A time machine brought us back in time, we thought to be in a kind of post-soviet black market, absolutely fascinating! With a bit of suspicious we walked among the Balkan stands looking for our bikes. We found many sellers that, between an almost new transistor radio and old fashion Kenwood tape recorder, tried to get rid to us of some craps lying there for decades. At the end we found two bicycles with solids and strong back carriers, their colours match very well with the Slovenian suburbs: morning-frost white and frozen-toes purple. Perfect. In our Christmas shopping we bought also a tiny Xmas tree and decorations, an electric oven, and elastics to carry the oven on the back carrier. Total price: 60 euros. Good deal!!


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