A dream come true (Feroz)

Barcelona, a city of culture. But many people around the world have been dreaming to be here just only for its famous football club. One of the most successful club in the world which produced players like Messi, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo etc. Legends who took the football world by storm with the magic in their feet and passion for the sport. Being a football fan all my life, the short life in Barcelona would have remained incomplete if I didn’t visit the stadium where the magic happens and see the football which looks like a well synchronized dance for a well tuned music. Indeed it seamed like the same. Thanks to my good friends Hung and Hadi, the dream came true. Watching a Champions League match with them (the best club competition ever) was a huge bonus.

On the way to the stadium, everything seamed like indicating about the amazing experience upfront. The chanting fans in the jersey, Catalan flag, even free cola (Pepsi). At the gate, receiving Catalan flag to support the independence felt more like a responsibility after spending such an amazing time in the city and outskirts. Couldn’t wait to go inside. The enormous stadium from outside looked like just what I imagined. At last they opened the gates for the spectators. Once we found the right staircase we climbed it with excitement. But the view of the ever so green field from the stands was amazing. Took a lot of pictures with my friends, Hadi and Hung. Without a selfie from Hadi, any trip is incomplete. I wanted to preserve the view in a frame forever.

The supporters started to arrive and almost all the seats were occupied around us. The supporters greeted the players with loud cheers. The theme song of the champions league was loud in a pin-drop silent stadium. It gave me goosebumps. And then, the moment I was waiting for. A dream come true. The match began. Barcelona took control of the game more and more with the rhythm of the biting drum from the fans. The music, the songs sang by the Barça fans made me sing although I am not an all hearted supporter. Couldn’t stop waving the Catalunian flag with the loud cheers, “independència” “independència” “independència”. Mean while the Barca team was flourishing under a flood of lights. Looking more dangerous by the minute against a comparatively weaker opponent Bate Borisov on the evening of 4th of November. The Bate defenders were organized with a mantra of defend till the last breath. But ultimately the opponent buckled under pressure and conceded penalty on 29th minute which was coolly converted by legend in making “Neymar”. And the stadium erupted in loud cheers and joy. The football they were playing was magical, even without their magician “Messi”. The orchestra was played by the standing captain “Iniesta”. The whistle for the end of fast half came too soon. The half ended in a blink and more amazingly just one goal on the scoreboard!!! The opponent had every chance to come back. After the restart, the match was the same but the efficient defending of the Bate was frustrating Barca players as well as fans. Suddenly something magical happened on 60th minute. Luis Suarez. He scored a goal from nothing. The Bate players were stunned and the Barça fans were even louder. That opened the game, but lack of quality upfront let the Bate Barisov manager down and a third goal was inevitable , scored by “Neymar” again. The match ended in a flash and the final whistle blown with a loud cheers from Barca fan.

We enjoyed the match thoroughly, I saw the satisfaction in the eyes of my friends as well. In a game like this, even the fierce opponent would enjoy. One of the most entertaining 90 minutes ever, was over. While leaving the stadium, we took few pictures. Even the police officer helped with one, shows the culture of hospitality of the Spanish people. Slowly walked towards the metro station with a satisfied heart as we, three friends, just lived our dreams.

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