First Bike Ride- A ride to Remember (Vas)

First I should say transport in all modes in Dresden are totally free for students! But many of us had bicycles. Because it was so nice to ride bicycle along the streets in Dresden. Imagine, wind kisses your face, falling colours all over the streets and you almost feel like you are flying. Ok, maybe that’s too dreamy. 😛 So, the main reason we bought bicycles in Dresden was we heard bicycles in Delft are kinda expensive than Dresden. And transport in Delft is not free like in Dresden. So we thought buying them in Dresden was a smart choice.

Okey, back to me. I haven’t ride a bicycle before. Yeah, I know, kinda shame on me. But that’s true. So, I decided to learn how to ride a bicycle here. Whohoo, all floodies were so eager to help me on that course. So, we bought a second hand bicycle from flea market in Albertbrücke. It’s open on every saturday. You can find good bicycles for cheap price there. Marianne and Dinya came to help me to buy it. It was 30-35 euros. Both me and Dinya bought bicycles. But since I can’t ride it, I made Dinya also walked to our dorm with bicycles. Sorry Dinya. But that walk was nice, isn’t it? 😉

Then on one sunny day training has started by the side of Elbe river. My first tutors were Josias and Martin. Then Marianne and Franchie.  Thank you people!! Dinya was always with me all the time tolerating my attempts. Thank you Dinya!!

So, at first I couldn’t balance the bike. But with few days of training (Like once per week) I could learn how to ride. I dunno whether this is true or not, but Feroz told me I’m a fast learner. 😀 .

I still remember the first day I could ride it without any attempt of falling. (Yes, I didn’t fall, those were only about to fall moments) That was fab! Love that feeling. I can recall Marianne and Dinya were so excited , even more than me that day.

Ofcourse I didn’t fall once but I did a major thing than that. 😛

I was practicing bike behind our dorm. Dinya and Imra were watching me. I was bit fast and then bam!! I couldn’t control my bike. And I hit a parked car. It made few scratches on the back side of the car. For a moment I was speechless. Even Imra and Dinya looked bit frighten. So, we went back to dorm. I couldn’t think what to do. I called Josias asking what to do, since I didn’t know how the things going on in Germany. He confirmed that I should put a note on car, saying what happened. So, I did the same. I wrote an apologizing note saying what happened, and leaving my contact details. Then, I waited, waited and waited for owner to call me. For that moment, I didn’t care how much money I should pay, but I couldn’t get rid of feeling of guilty and worry. Floodies told me not to worry. But still.. But that call I waited for, has never reached me. We checked the car on parking, It was there but the note was not there. So, we decided he may read the note and thought it’s not a big issue and left it.

And that’s it. That’s the end of my bicycle ride! I didn’t ride after that. I don’t wanna scratch any more cars. :-\  .


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